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It’s A New Year!

New Year, New Beginnings…

Well, the New Year celebrations have already come and gone and it’s already February, but I had a rough ending to 2014, and a rocky start to 2015, both personally and professionally. I think it’s time to start fresh with new beginnings! The first new beginning is this new blog. I hope to be posting so much more than I was before! Looking forward to some awesome events with some wonderful clients, and things are already off to a great start!

Although 2014 seemed to be a rough one in the Event Industry (I know I’m not alone in saying that), let’s not make this a negative blog post – there were some good points for sure!

The favorite part of 2014 was working with Melissa Petri to create my new branding. Let’s face it – I never really had my own look and logo, and I needed to change that if I was going to move forward with my business. So I started working with Melissa, and I had the best time! I probably drove her a bit crazy going back and forth with the design and colors of my logo, but she was a trooper putting up with me, and my decisions were finally made.

Once Melissa created the masterpiece, it was up to me to get my new website up and running. Since I create and maintain my website on my own, it took more time than I’d hoped, but I finally launched my new site in late November! So excited to have it finished! I hope you will check it out.

New Website Homepage

Now on to 2015!

Although it’s a late start, I’m so excited for 2015! I’ve already gotten a couple of weddings and a corporate event under my belt in January to get things going.

In 2015, things continue to grow, I have some fun new clients, I get to work with former clients on new events, and there are some great vendors to work with! Let’s go!


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